Open Source rules !

Software issues are ubiquitous in astrophotography. From the initial image capture in the camera to the public display of the final image over the Internet with many processes in between. While I have no choice in which software to use 'in camera', I can choose whatever software I desire once images have been written to my cameras storage.

I have finally succeeded in connecting to my mount & cameras under Linux using Kstars, Ekos & Indi for device control. I prefer the control, security, freedom and flexibility Linux provides compared with other popular operating systems.

My use of software currently is as follows:

DIGIC 6 image processor This is the 'in camera' software that the Canon 80d uses
RawTherapee To edit the RAW images from DIGIC 6
GNU Image Manipulation Program, GIMP 2.10.8 To edit the TIFF images exported from RawTherapee
Xed Xed text editor To edit markup and code files: HTML, PHP, CSS, etc
Filezilla FTP client to upload webpages to Apache HTTP server
LAMP module Linux OS, Apache HTTP server, MySQL database server, PHP,
to host & serve dynamic webpages
INDI INDI Library is an Open Source Architecture for Control & Automation of Astronomical Devices. Powered by the community for the community.