drift alignment
drift alignment

Drift alignment - Southern hemisphere

I do most of my observing and imaging in my backyard because it is the most convenient place to do so.
This is where I have convenient access to resources and is an ideal place to learn and apply the technical issues associated with imaging and observing.
I can then use those skills at a dark site with confidence and without fumbling about trying to learn as I go.

I can achieve a rough polar alignment by pointing my mount South, ensuring it is level and using an inclinometer to ensure a correct altitude setting. This works OK for observing but my view of the South Celestial Pole (SCP) is obscured by the top of a large Eucalypt tree almost directly to my south and so I cannot align directly on the SCP because I cannot see it! Therefore, I am compelled to learn how to drift align my mount so that I can track & guide to enable long exposures ... (I have been putting this off for some time!)

I will base this page around the process I use to learn & understand drift alignment.

I have read many tutorials & guides about how to drift align, and have been thoroughly confused with the abundance of contradictory information! Most guides assume you are in the northern hemisphere and advise you to simply apply the opposite

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