Why am I doing this?

Why would I, or anyone else want to get up in the middle of the night, probably when it's cold to fiddle about with photographic gear in the dark by yourself? I guess people do all sorts of crazy things for all sorts of reasons ...... racing motorcycles, base jumping, knitting sweaters, having babies, eating bugs, whatever.

Astrophotography for me seems to be a natural extension of my existing interests. I have an enduring interest in science & technology with an emphasis on particle physics & cosmology, my goal being to understand the best I can what the fundamental nature of reality is, which seems to get weirder the deeper you go!

Anyway, I have been working at various jobs & renovating property for the last 25 years and realise that I am going to need a technical and 'hands on' hobby when I retire. I have a pretty good understanding of cosmology and feel that it is time to become more personal with the objects that comprise our Universe. Astrophotography encompasses many different skills & tasks, getting outside to image objects, understanding how to best utilise your imaging train (hardware), processing those images in software and finally sharing the results with other interested people.

If you are reading this then i'm sure you have already seen the fantastic images that amateur astronomers are able create through their knowledge, skills & enthusiasm. I thank them all for sharing their results and hope to be able to reciprocate in the years ahead.